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Kamran Khan-IT Course Test to Take Place at Governor House Sindh

Date: Sunday, July 16, 2023

A test for IT courses is scheduled to be conducted at the Governor House in Karachi on Sunday, July 16, at 6 pm. Participants with registration numbers ranging from 1 to 10,000 are expected to appear during this designated time.

To ensure a smooth and secure testing environment, the Governor of Sindh has instructed officials to make necessary security and traffic arrangements at the Governor House.

Kamran Khan Tessori, emphasizing the significance of the IT course test, expressed his belief that it is an excellent opportunity for the younger generation. The study of artificial intelligence, metaverse, and web courses holds the potential for individuals to earn between Rs1.5 million to Rs2 million per month.

The test aims to provide aspiring IT professionals with the opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge in various domains. It presents a pathway for individuals to enhance their expertise in cutting-edge technologies and explore lucrative career prospects in the digital realm.

The Governor House Sindh, as the venue for this important test, highlights the commitment of authorities to support and promote the IT sector’s growth in the province. Such initiatives contribute to the overall development of the region’s IT infrastructure and foster the emergence of a skilled workforce in the field.

As participants prepare to demonstrate their capabilities during the IT course test, hopes are high for their success and the potential for a bright future in the rapidly advancing world of technology.

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