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Rs 750 Prize bond Draw No. 95 Result (Rawalpindi) will be announced on 17th July 2023

Date: Monday, 17th July 2023

In an exciting announcement, the State Bank of Pakistan conducted the 95th prize bond draw for the denomination of Rs750 today in Rawalpindi. The draw, held with great anticipation, revealed the lucky winners who stand to receive substantial cash prizes.

The first prize, a staggering amount of 1,500,000 PKR, goes to a single fortunate winner. This significant sum serves as a life-changing reward for the recipient, highlighting the transformative potential of the prize bond draw.

Adding to the excitement, three winners will be awarded the second prize for the Rs750 prize bond, each receiving a substantial amount of Rs500,000. This generous reward further enhances the joy of the lucky individuals who will soon receive this unexpected windfall.

Additionally, the draw brings good news to a staggering 1,696 participants who will each receive the third prize. These winners will be awarded Rs9,300 each, providing a welcome boost to their finances.

The prize bond draws, organized by the State Bank of Pakistan, offer a thrilling opportunity for individuals to test their luck and potentially win substantial cash prizes. The draw serves as a testament to the bank’s commitment to fostering financial inclusivity and providing citizens with a chance to enhance their financial well-being.

Participants eagerly await the outcome of each draw, hoping to become one of the fortunate winners. The excitement and anticipation surrounding the prize bond draws contribute to a sense of unity and shared optimism among participants.

The State Bank’s commitment to transparency and fairness is evident in the careful selection process, ensuring a level playing field for all participants. Each draw showcases the potential for life-altering rewards, with winners experiencing a significant boost to their financial situations.

The announcement of the 95th prize bond draw winners for the Rs750 denomination in Rawalpindi serves as a reminder of the opportunities available to individuals through these draws. While only a select few emerge as winners, the draw ignites hope and excitement among participants nationwide.

The State Bank of Pakistan continues to conduct regular prize bond draws, fostering a sense of excitement and anticipation for individuals across the country. These draws provide an avenue for financial empowerment and an opportunity to fulfill dreams and aspirations.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 95th Rs750 prize bond draw, and best wishes to all participants for future draws. May this initiative continue to bring joy and prosperity to individuals throughout Pakistan.

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