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Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers List With Most Subscribers 2022

With more than 20 million users, YouTube has become one of the most important platforms for Pakistani YouTubers who create content and make money. These YouTubers have become household names in the country and their content has provided entertainment and education to millions of people.

These are talented YouTube creators who have made their names as stars and attracted the attention of the youth in Pakistan.

To recognize the hard work of Pakistani YouTubers, we have compiled a list of the top ten YouTubers in Pakistan for 2022. This list represents the top content creators in the country and their contribution to the success of the platform.

1. Maaz Safder World
2. Ducky Bhai
3. Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets
4. Salman Noman
5. BaBa Food RRC
6. Shaz Safder World
7. Sistrology
8. Zulqarnain Sikandar
8. Mr HOW
10. Naya Pakistan

1-Maaz Safder is a Pakistani YouTuber and content creator. He has gained a huge following on YouTube and ranks among the top 10 YouTubers in Pakistan. His channel consists of vlogs. Social Blade reports that Maaz gained over 2.82 million subscribers and a total of 801,690,580 views on Youtube.

2-Ducky Bhai is a popular Pakistani YouTuber who produces content related to pranks, comedy sketches, and gaming content. He has a huge fanbase that has grown over the years. According to Social Blade, his subscribers numbered more than 4.15 million and his views totaled 585,959,349. According to YouTube, Ducky Bhai is among the top 10 YouTubers in Pakistan in 2022.

3-Ijaz Ansari is a chef and YouTuber with 4.82 million subscribers. He creates content related to food. He has gained a huge following on YouTube and his videos have been watched over 823,412,460 times. Ijaz is well-known for his recipes which are easy to follow and delicious.

4-Salman Noman is a Pakistani YouTuber with his own channel that offers entertainment. In addition to having a huge following of 10.4 million, he has over 7,325,748,519 views on his content. Youtube ranks Salman Noman among the top 10 YouTubers in Pakistan.

5-BaBa Food RRC is a popular Pakistani cooking channel. They produce content related to recipes, cooking tips, and more. More than 620,166,822 people have watched their videos, and they have accumulated a huge following of 3.63 million.

6-Shaz Safder is the elder brother of Maaz Safder and is also a popular Pakistani YouTuber. In addition to making content-related vlogs and travel videos, he makes other videos as well. His videos have been watched over 49,438,361 times and he has over 760k subscribers.

7-Sistrology is a Pakistani YouTuber channel founded and run by Iqra Kanwal with her sisters. She produces content related to fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. It is estimated that she has more than 1.46 million subscribers, and her videos have been viewed more than 344,053,027 times. YouTube names Iqra Kanwal as one of the top 10 Pakistani YouTubers in 2022.

8-Zulqarnain Sikandar is a Pakistani YouTuber and Tiktoker who produces content related to vlogs, and more. Currently, he is married to Kanwal Aftab. The couple has been blessed with a daughter recently. He has approximately 1.34 million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed over 218,257,623 times.

9-Mr HOW is a Pakistani YouTube channel led by Malik Hajir. He produces content related to technology, unboxing, tutorials, and more. Hajir explains all online work with practical examples and step-by-step instructions. He has gained a huge following with 1.05 million subscribers and over 53,908,637 view

10-Naya Pakistan is a popular Pakistani YouTube channel with content related to politics and entertainment. The channel’s videos have received 743,741,467 views and gained 2.89 million subscribers.

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