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Apple’s iPhone 15 Unveils Stunning Surprise: Three New Vibrant Colors Join the Lineup

Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 15 is set to bring some exciting surprises to its color lineup, as revealed by reliable Apple insider ShrimpApplePro. According to a leak from Chinese social media site Weibo, the iPhone 15 will boast three new stunning colors: green, light yellow, and pink. This means Apple will be bidding farewell to the blue, purple, and deeper yellow finishes seen on the iPhone 14 lineup.

The decision to introduce three new colors is unprecedented, as Apple typically only adds one or two colors each year. Surprisingly, the move comes despite market reports suggesting that blue and purple were the most popular choices for iPhone 14 buyers. However, pink, a long-awaited hue, has been in high demand among customers for years.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models are also subject to color speculation, with rumors circulating about a dark red or deep blue “hero color.” The upcoming iPhone series is expected to feature core upgrades such as a next-gen 3nm A17 chipset, super thin bezels, upgraded UWB, and a solid-state Action button to replace the mute switch. Additionally, all iPhone 15 models will transition from Lightning to USB-C.

While the price of the new iPhone 15 range remains uncertain, leaks suggest that Pro models might see a price increase due to a new titanium chassis.

Sources have also hinted at the release of a pink iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, described as bright and eye-catching. However, there is no mention of a bright blue finish to replace the standard blue of the iPhone 14 models. The hero color for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is still up for debate, with support for both the dark red and deep blue options.

It’s worth noting that the leaked color list may be incomplete, leaving room for potential surprises from Apple. The company has recently shown a willingness to cater to customer demands, such as releasing the 15-inch MacBook Air, a product long-awaited by fans.

As Apple gears up for the iPhone 15 launch, enthusiasts can look forward to the full color list and anticipate the unique color offerings that will set this generation of iPhones apart.

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