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Ishaq Dar’s Name Considered for Interim PM Role Amid Economic Policy Continuity Concerns

Date: July 23, 2023

Islamabad: The government is contemplating amending the Elections Act 2017 to empower the forthcoming caretaker set-up with broader decision-making authority to ensure continuity of the recently implemented economic plan and attract foreign investment in state-owned entities.

Sources in the federal cabinet disclosed that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is considering proposing Ishaq Dar’s name for the caretaker prime minister’s position as part of a larger plan to ensure the implementation of economic policies. The final decision on Dar’s candidature will be taken in consultation with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), one of the main coalition partners.

To facilitate economic decision-making, the government is mulling amendments to Section 230 of the Elections Act 2017, which currently limits the caretaker government to attending to day-to-day matters and conducting general elections. The proposed amendments would enable the caretaker government to make essential decisions to revive the economy.

Presently, the caretaker government is prohibited from making major policy decisions, entering into significant contracts detrimental to public interest, conducting major international negotiations, and ratifying international binding instruments, except in exceptional cases.

The proposal aims to amend both subsections of Section 230, granting more authority to the interim set-up. As the deliberations continue, Law Minister Azam Nazir Tarar and Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb have yet to respond to inquiries regarding the proposed amendments to the Elections Act.

The final decision on the amendments and the caretaker prime minister candidate is expected to be announced next week, as the government seeks to ensure economic stability and attract foreign investments during the interim period.

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