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Systems Limited Unveils Studio77: A Hub of Creativity and Innovation in Karachi

Karachi, Date: July 26, 2023

Systems Limited, a leading technology company, celebrated the launch of its cutting-edge design studio, #Studio77, in Karachi. Asif Peer, the CEO & MD of Systems Limited, inaugurated the studio with a vision to ignite creativity, foster experimentation, and cultivate innovation rooted in human-centricity.

Studio77 embraces the principles of design thinking to transform complex challenges into opportunities, providing a creative compass that unlocks limitless possibilities. With inclusivity, innovation, and cutting-edge design at its core, Systems Limited recognizes the power of creative spaces in driving forward tech-based organizations.

The newly unveiled studio at the Karachi campus goes beyond the conventional, offering an atmosphere that sparks imagination and encourages safe collaboration. It aims to empower a human-centric design experience that breaks free from traditional norms, inspiring the team to push the boundaries of creativity.

Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi, an advocate of the Studio77’s mission, explained the importance of embracing creativity and innovation in a world that values progressive thinking and imaginative solutions. At Systems Limited, Studio77 stands as a symbol of the company’s commitment to cultivating an environment that fosters ingenuity and drives transformative change.

The launch of #Studio77 marks a significant milestone in Systems Limited’s journey to shape the future through visionary design and progressive thinking. As the doors of Studio77 open, the company invites individuals who share a passion for transformative design to join them on this exciting journey of limitless imagination and groundbreaking innovation.

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