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110-Year-Old Saudi Woman Pursues Education, Defying Age Norms

Date: August 07, 2023

There is a famous saying that education knows no age boundaries, and a Saudi Arabian woman has proven this to be true. Nouda Al-Qahtani, a 110-year-old resident of the province of Asir in Saudi Arabia, recently made the remarkable decision to pursue education and has now started learning to read and write.

According to Arab media reports, Nouda Al-Qahtani has enrolled in a “Summer Literacy Course” and has taken up reading and writing. Local educational authorities shared a video on social media, showcasing the elderly woman diligently holding a pencil and writing in her book, along with praising her determination to acquire knowledge.

Nouda Al-Qahtani’s son revealed that his mother registered for the course to learn to read and write during the summer season. He expressed joy that his mother was given this opportunity and shared that she has a keen interest in learning about religious matters.

After completing the course, Nouda Al-Qahtani will be able to read and write the Quran, adding another skill to her already impressive repertoire.

The inspirational 110-year-old woman has remarked that there is no age limit to obtaining an education and expressed her happiness at having this opportunity.

Nouda Al-Qahtani’s commitment to learning serves as a reminder that education is a lifelong journey and can be pursued at any stage of life, breaking barriers and defying societal norms. Her determination sets an example for others, inspiring individuals to seek knowledge and personal growth, regardless of age.

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