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Pakistan Unveils Beep: Its First WhatsApp-Like Communication App

Date: August 07, 2023

The Ministry of Information Technology has proudly introduced Beep Pakistan, a revolutionary communication app designed for government employees across 41 federal ministries and departments. While currently exclusive to government officials, the app is slated for a public release in the near future.

Beep Pakistan aims to provide a secure and indigenous alternative to WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Tailored for government use, it offers an array of features, including audio and video calling, video conferencing, and safe document transfers for sensitive government materials.

The application’s launch comes as a two-phase initiative. Initially accessible to federal authorities, it will later expand to the provincial level. Following government employee access, the general public will also be able to utilize this homegrown social media application, marking a significant milestone in Pakistan’s tech landscape.

Government officials emphasize that Beep Pakistan’s secure edge lies in its servers being located within Pakistan’s borders, enhancing data protection compared to alternatives. Furthermore, hosting the app’s source code locally bolsters its integrity and trustworthiness. The app’s connectivity has been made possible through 83 new projects with a considerable investment of Rs. 79 billion.

The grand unveiling of Beep Pakistan was attended by esteemed officials from the Ministry of IT, led by Federal Minister for IT and Telecom, Syed Amin Ul Haque.

In his address, the IT Minister expressed confidence that Beep Pakistan will effectively prevent audio and video leaks, enhancing overall security and confidentiality. He also highlighted the establishment of three new incubation centers in the past four years, reflecting the government’s commitment to fostering innovation in the tech sector.

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