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Highly Anticipated Drama “Mayi Ri” Addresses Critical Issue of Child Marriage

WebDesk: Date: August 07, 2023

Last night, ARY Digital aired the much-anticipated latest drama “Mayi Ri,” a show that has already been generating buzz due to its impactful teasers and media coverage. Centered around the sensitive topic of child marriage, the drama has captured the attention of both the audience and media alike.

The narrative revolves around two brothers, Zaheer and Habib, who reside under the same roof with their respective families. Zaheer is a father to his only son, Fakhir (Samar Abbas), while Habib is the father of two daughters, with Aini (Aina Asif) being the elder one.

The typical household dynamics, compounded by the presence of a mother-in-law, give rise to familiar scenes often portrayed in Pakistani stories. However, a strong camaraderie exists between the wives of the two brothers. Samina (Maria Wasti), Zaheer’s wife, takes on the role of a caring spouse, while Ayesha (Maya Khan), Aini’s mother, grapples with a different challenge – her husband’s extramarital affairs.

The first episode kicks off with elder brother Zaheer (Nauman Ijaz) suffering a heart attack, setting off a chain of events that disrupt the entire family. The drama effectively portrays family dynamics, politics, and conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, all while depicting the intricate relationships within the household.

The underlying issue of child marriage takes center stage as the story unfolds. This pressing concern is a tragic reality in Pakistani society, with a staggering 19 million girls falling victim to it, according to UNICEF statistics. This practice strips young girls and boys of their innocence and carefree childhood, particularly affecting girls.

As “Mayi Ri” progresses, viewers witness the lives of Aini and Fakhir, who are married off at a tender age. The consequences of this decision ripple through their lives and families, sparking an exploration of the challenges they face.

In the inaugural episode, the cast’s performances – from minor to major roles – have been commendable. The drama presents an opportunity to raise awareness about a pressing social issue that demands attention and action.

“Mayi Ri” holds the promise of providing audiences with thought-provoking content rooted in real societal challenges.

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