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Massive Protests Erupt in Bangladesh Following Holy Quran Burning in Sweden

Date: August 08, 2023

A major outcry has swept through Bangladesh as a result of the burning of several copies of the Holy Quran, causing thousands to gather in protest against the sacrilegious act.

This distressing incident occurred in Sylhet, a traditionally conservative city, triggering widespread unrest that led to several police officers sustaining injuries during the clashes.

To manage the immense crowd, estimated to be around 10,000 strong, law enforcement had to resort to using rubber bullets and tear gas.

Ajbahar Ali Shaikh, a police officer, explained that the protesters were determined to confront the two individuals believed to be responsible for this offensive act.

Amidst the turmoil, reports reveal that 14 policemen were wounded, while specific details regarding injured protesters remain unclear.

Authorities have taken into custody two suspects in connection with the burnt copies of the Holy Quran. The individuals identified as School Principal Nurur Rahman and Mahbub Alam were apprehended after police discovered 45 charred copies of the sacred book.

The suspects have defended their actions, asserting that the burned copies were either “very old or had printing errors.” It is significant to note that some Islamic scholars permit the respectful disposal of unusable Holy Quran copies.

The tensions surrounding such desecration incidents are not limited to Bangladesh. In the previous month, similar incidents led to strained relations between Muslim countries and Sweden, as well as Denmark.

Despite this, both Sweden and Denmark have upheld their stance on freedom of speech while denouncing any acts of desecration.

It’s worth noting that Bangladesh, with a population of 170 million, primarily comprises Muslims, constituting about 90% of the populace.

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