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Punjab Implements Significant Salary and Pension Increase 2023

Date: August 08, 2023

The Punjab interim administration announced a substantial raise of 35 percent in the salaries of government employees falling within grades 1 to 16. This decision was disclosed on Tuesday, aiming to enhance the financial prospects of these employees.

Additionally, the administration has approved a 30 percent wage increment for personnel falling under grades 17 to 22. This move seeks to address the needs of higher-level government workers.

In a further positive development, the regional government has sanctioned a 17.5 percent rise in pension payments, recognizing the importance of providing better financial security for retirees.

It’s worth noting that these salary increases will be calculated based on the current basic salary structure of civil servants, as clearly outlined in the official notification.

This move comes after a series of protests by government employees in Punjab, who had been advocating for improved salaries. The protests eventually resulted in commitments from the federal government to address these concerns.

During this period, the All Government Employees Alliance, a coalition formed to represent the interests of government workers, was active in pressuring the Punjab government to meet their demands.

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