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“Pakistan Awaits Cambridge AS, A-Level Results 2023; IGCSE and O-Level Results Next Week”

Date: August 10, 2023

Over 45,000 students in Pakistan are eagerly anticipating the release of their Cambridge International AS and A-Level results today (Thursday), while the Cambridge IGCSE and O-Level results are slated to be unveiled next week.

This significant moment marks the culmination of a crucial phase in the students’ lives, propelling them towards their future endeavors, whether in the workforce or further studies, as stated in a Thursday announcement by Cambridge International.

As a non-profit organization and a subsidiary of the renowned University of Cambridge, Cambridge International is the world’s largest provider of international education programs and qualifications for individuals aged 3 to 19. The organization is set to disclose outcomes from its June 2023 exam series to over half a million students globally. Among these, more than 100,000 students in Pakistan will receive their results for IGCSE, O-Level, and International AS and A-Levels combined.

This year marked Cambridge International’s most extensive exam series to date, boasting 1.7 million entries for Cambridge exams across 5,600 schools in 147 countries. This figure represents an 11% surge compared to June 2022.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in recent years, Pakistani students have successfully earned the qualifications required for their onward journey. This achievement is a testament to their dedication, and it showcases the unwavering support from their schools, educators, families, and communities.

Cambridge International has also ensured a smooth continuity of education for students in Pakistan, whose exams were disrupted due to social unrest in May. The organization has established robust processes for awarding results to candidates who could not complete an exam component in such exceptional circumstances.

Notably, grades for Cambridge International A-Level History and Mathematics, whose exams were rescheduled due to disruptions, have also been released.

In total, Pakistan recorded over 118,000 entries for Cambridge International AS and A-Levels in the June 2023 series, marking a 10% rise since June 2022. Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry were the most favored subjects.

Rod Smith, Group Managing Director of International Education at Cambridge, congratulated the students for their resilience and diligence in achieving these results. He emphasized that these qualifications equip them with the necessary skills to embrace forthcoming opportunities with confidence.

Uzma Yousuf, Country Director for Pakistan at Cambridge International, hailed the students’ remarkable achievements despite the challenges posed by a volatile political landscape and the disruption caused by exam cancellations. Yousuf expressed satisfaction in successfully rescheduling the affected A-Level exams, allowing learners to transition to the next phase of their educational journey.

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