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Calls for Derek Chisora’s Retirement Emerge After Victory Against Gerald Washington

Date: August 13, 2023

Following his victory over Gerald Washington on Saturday night, boxing enthusiasts are expressing hopes that Derek Chisora considers retiring on a high note.

The esteemed British boxing figure faced off against Washington in a match featured as part of the Anthony Joshua vs Robert Helenius undercard.

The bout commenced with an intense tempo, as both contenders unleashed powerful blows right from the opening bell. Chisora found himself briefly on the canvas towards the end of the second round, although the referee did not classify it as a knockdown.

By the beginning of the fourth round, Chisora’s right eye was bleeding profusely, prompting a pause for a medical evaluation. Despite the injury, he was permitted to continue fighting.

As the contest progressed, Chisora exhibited tenacious efforts to create opportunities; however, his advancing age became evident as he appeared sluggish and exerted.

Despite these challenges, Chisora managed to land impactful blows in the later rounds, ultimately securing a unanimous decision victory.

Nonetheless, even with the triumph, numerous boxing enthusiasts took to Twitter to advocate for Chisora’s retirement from the sport.

One user shared, “It’s time to call it a day now, go out on a win.”

Another sentiment echoed, “I’ve immensely enjoyed watching Chisora engage in countless thrilling battles, but I believe it’s time to conclude this chapter.”

Former boxing trainer Teddy Atlas also chimed in, stating, “My admiration for Chisora is unwavering, but given his age in his 40s, when will they stop placing him in the ring? Hopefully, before any harm is done.”

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