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Pakistan Commemorates 77th Independence Day by Bestowing Civil Awards for COVID-19 MARTYRS

Marking the joyous occasion of the 77th Independence Day, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan reverently presented the prestigious ‘Pakistan Civil Awards’ to exceptional individuals, both citizens and foreign dignitaries, who have demonstrated remarkable excellence and unwavering bravery in their respective realms.

In a splendid ceremony, the President of Pakistan unveiled the deserving recipients of these illustrious awards, spanning across a diverse array of disciplines. Notable luminaries among the esteemed honorees include:

  1. Ms. Rabia Tayyab (Late) Health
  2. Mr. Akram Qureshi (Late) Health
  3. Mr. Ijaz Ahsan (Late) Health
  4. Ms. Sana Fatima (Late) Health
  5. Mr. Salman Tahir (Late) Health
  6. Mr. Ali Nazir (Late) Health
  7. Mr. Munawar Javed Mian (Late) Health
  8. Mr. Salman Ali Iftikhar (Late) Health
  9. Mr. Tanveer Akram Bhatti (Late) Health
  10. Mr. Mussadiq Hussain (Late) Health
  11. Mr. Asif Rao (Late) Health
  12. Syed Asma Ahsan (Late) Health
  13. Mr. Javed Iqbal (Late) Health
  14. Mr. Irshad Nabi (Late) Health
  15. Mr. Gulzar Ahmed Chaudhry (Late) Health
  16. Mr. Ghulam Hussain (Late) Health
  17. Mr. Qamar Khalil (Late) Health
  18. Mr. Khalid Masood (Late) Health
  19. Mr. Sikandar Saleh (Late) Health
  20. Mr. Musharaf Iqbal (Late) Health
  21. Mr. Riaz ul Islam (Late) Health
  22. Prof. Khalid Chaudhry (Late) Health
  23. Nimreen Health
  24. Hafiz Salman (Late) Health
  25. Mr. Basit Ghafoor (Late) Health
  26. Mr. Abdul Qadir Shah (Late) Health
  27. Mr. Naeem Akhtar (Late) Health
  28. Hafiz Maqsood (Late) Health
  29. Mr. Zia ul Hasan (Late) Health
  30. Ms. Ghazala Shaheen (Late) Health
  31. Mr. Rahat Maqsood (Late) Health
  32. Mr. Ejaz Khawaja (Late) Health
  33. Mr. Umer Daraz (Late) Health
  34. Mr. Waseem Mushtaq (Late) Health
  35. Mr. Bashir (Late) Health
  36. Mr. Asif Khan Ghori (Late) Health
  37. Mr. Muhammad Saleem (Late) Health
  38. Mr. Hussain Amad (Late) Health
  39. Syed Nasir Ali (Late) Health
  40. Mr. Falak Shair Baloch (Late) Health
  41. Mr. Mushtaq (Late) Health
  42. Mr. Khalid Mahmood Akram (Late) Health
  43. Mr. Anwar Solehri (Late) Health
  44. Dr. Mustafa Kamal Pasha (Late) Health
  45. Mr. Naqaish Sadiq (Late) Health
  46. Mr. Azizuddin (Late) Health
  47. Mr. Muhammad Muzammil Abbas (Late) Health
  48. Mr. Muhammad Fayyaz Ahmed (Late) Health
  49. Mr. Aslam Parvaiz Bhatti (Late) Health
  50. Dr. Hassan Naeem Chaudhry (Late) Health
  51. Mr. Sarwar Bilal (Late) Health
  52. Brig.(R) Zafar Ahmed Malik (Late) Health
  53. Mr. Masood Amjad Chughtai (Late) Health
  54. Mrs. Dr. M. B. Jamil (Late) Health
  55. Dr. Zia Ullah (Late) Health
  56. Brig. (R) Shaheen Moin (Late) Health
  57. Dr. Shahid Hameed (Late) Health
  58. Mr. Shahid Ghashkoori (Late) Health
  59. Mr. Afzal Rathore (Late) Health
  60. Mr. Javed Rehman Malik (Late) Health
  61. Mr. Shahid Mansoor Nizami (Late) Health
  62. Dr. Muhammad Shafiq (Late) Health
  63. Mr. Arshad Iqbal Bhuta (Late) Health
  64. Mr. Iftikhar Hussain Khokhar (Late) Health
  65. Dr. Zafar Ali Chaudhry (Late) Health
  66. Mr. Manzoor Hussain (Late) Health
  67. Mr. Umar Farooq Burki (Late) Health
  68. Dr. Safdar Nawaz Malik (Late) Health
  69. Mr. Manzoor Ahmed (Late) Health
  70. Dr. Zafar Chaudhry (Late) Health
  71. Mr. AQ Javed Iqbal (Late) Health
  72. Zanoon (Late) Health
  73. Mr. Ahmed Saeed (Late) Health
  74. Mr. Muhammad Khalid Iqbal (Late) Health
  75. Mr. Muhammad Ahmed (Late) Health
  76. Dr. Ghulam Raza Baluch (Late) Health
  77. Mr. Sohail Anjum (Late) Health
  78. Mr. Samra Ali (Late) Health
  79. Dr. Ghulam Mustafa (Late) Health
  80. Dr. Muhammad Asif (Late) Health
  81. Dr Bashir s/o Ch Rasheed Ahmad (Late) Health
  82. Mr. Abdul Qadir Soomro (Late) Health
  83. Mr. Zahoor Shaikh (Late) Health
  84. Mr. Shafquat ullah Shaikh (Late) Health
  85. Mr. Younus Channa (Late) Health
  86. Mr. Wilayat Ali Gopang (Late) Health
  87. Syed Fasihuddin (Late) Health
  88. Mr. Aftab Memon (Late) Health
  89. Mr. Abduss Salam (Late) Health
  90. Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Malik (Late) Health
  91. Ms. Zubaida Sattar (Late) Health
  92. Mr. Furqanul Haq (Late) Health
  93. Mr. Tahir Almani (Late) Health
  94. Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Gohati (Late) Health
  95. Mr. Umer Yousuf (Late) Health
  96. Mr. Asad (Late) Health
  97. Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Dahar (Late) Health
  98. Mr. Abdul Latif Yusfani (Late) Health
  99. Mr. Zaheer Sheikh (Late) Health
  100. Mr. Noshad (Late) Health
  101. Mr. Naeem (Late) Health
  102. Mr. Shams Siyal (Late) Health
  103. Ms. Irum (Late) Health
  104. Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Shaikh (Late) Health
  105. Mr. A. Razzaq Qamber (Late) Health
  106. Dr. Yunis Soomro (Late) Health
  107. Mr. Muhammad Adnan (Late) Health
  108. Mr. Umer Adnan (Late) Health
  109. Mr. Asif Abbas (Late) Health
  110. Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon (Late) Health
  111. Mr. Qurban Ali Soomro (Late) Health
  112. Mr. Razia Shabir Memon (Late) Health
  113. Mr. Muhammad Usman (Late) Health
  114. Ms. Shagufta Asif (Late) Health
  115. Syed Waqar Ahmed (Late) Health
  116. Dr. Nizam-ul-Hasan (Late) Health
  117. Mr. Nizamuddin Rajput (Late) Health
  118. Mr. Rasheed Chaudhry (Late) Health
  119. Mr. Khalid Khan (Late) Health
  120. Mr. Shahab Yameen (Late) Health
  121. Mr. Shamsuddin Bhatti (Late) Health
  122. Mr. Waris Poonjani (Late) Health
  123. Mr. Rizwan Rasheed (Late) Health
  124. Mr. Yousuf Panja (Late) Health
  125. Mr. Tahir Amin Chaudhry (Late) Health
  126. Mr. Waseemuddin (Late) Health
  127. Mr. Abdul Sattar Korai (Late) Health
  128. Mr. Tajammul Hussain (Late) Health
  129. Dr. Muhammad Sarwar (Late) Health
  130. Dr. Qazi Irshad (Late) Health
  131. Dr. Anjum Saleem (Late) Health
  132. Dr. Arshad Mahmood (Late) Health
  133. Mr. Ashok Kumar (Late) Health
  134. Mr. Abdul Khalique Domki (Late) Health
  135. Dr. Muhammad Saleh Soomro (Late) Health
  136. Mr. Aslam Shah (Late) Health
  137. Mr. Abdus Sattar Phulpoto (Late) Health
  138. Mr. Ismail Lakho (Late) Health
  139. Mr. Zulfiqar Bhurgri (Late) Health
  140. Mr. Dur Muhammad Brohi (Late) Health
  141. Mr. Mujahid Humail (Late) Health
  142. Mr. Nazim Panjwani (Late) Health
  143. Dr. Asadullah Khan (Late) Health
  144. Dr. Sheema Hasan (Late) Health
  145. Mr. Khurram Shehzad (Late) Health
  146. Mr. Akbar Ghanghro (Late) Health
  147. Mr. Nisar Ahmed Memon (Late) Health
  148. Syed Iftekhar Ali Asim (Late) Health
  149. Mr. Iqbal Noori (Late) Health
  150. Mr. Firoz Ahmed Qasmi (Late) Health
  151. Mr. Javed Ahmed Lohar (Late) Health
  152. Mir Muhammad Shaikh (Late) Health
  153. Mr. Nisar Shah (Late) Health
  154. Ms. Farzana Memon (Late) Health
  155. Mr. Muhammad Aman (Late) Health
  156. Mr. Asif Bhatti (Late) Health
  157. Ms. Nasreen Mughal (Late) Health
  158. Ms. Mahnoor Farzand (Late) Health
  159. Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan (Late) Health
  160. Mr. Sajid Ali Mirza (Late) Health
  161. Mr. Fawad Rauf (Late) Health
  162. Mr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh (Late) Health
  163. Mr. Aziz Ahmed Qureshi (Late) Health
  164. Mr. Asim Ghouri (Late) Health
  165. Ms. Fatima Shafi (Late) Health
  166. Dr. Salahuddin Ahmed Shaikh (Late) Health
  167. Ms. Bushra Asma (Late) Health
  168. Mr. Rehmatullah Mangi (Late) Health
  169. Mr. Muhammad Javed (Late) Health
  170. Mr. Phag Chand Singh (Late) Health
  171. Mr. Abbas Tariq (Late) Health
  172. Mr. Fazle Mabood (Late) Health
  173. Mr. Naseer Haider Ghazi (Late) Health
  174. Mr. Gul Marjan Barki (Late) Health
  175. Mr. Muhammad Azam Khan (Late) Health
  176. Mr. Khanzada Shinwari (Late) Health
  177. Mr. Aurangzeb Khattak (Late) Health
  178. Mr. Shah Alam (Late) Health
  179. Mr. Mujahid Akbar Khan (Late) Health
  180. Mr. Hayat Ali (Late) Health
  181. Mr. Abdul Qayyum Mehsud (Late) Health
  182. Ms. Mehreen Mardan (Late) Health
  183. Mr. Waheed Khan (Late) Health
  184. Mr. Hidayatullah Wazir (Late) Health
  185. Mr. Faisal Qureshi (Late) Health
  186. Mr. Saif ur Rehman (Late) Health
  187. Mr. Sibtain Anwar (Late) Health
  188. Mr. Ruhullah Jan (Late) Health
  189. Mr. Tariq (Late) Health
  190. Mr. Riaz Shahid (Late) Health
  191. Mr. Dost Muhammad (Late) Health
  192. Mr. Rehman Gul Khattak (Late) Health
  193. Mr. Shams ul Hassan (Late) Health
  194. Mr. Sultan Zeb (Late) Health
  195. Adnan Haleem (Late) Health
  196. Mr. Mohammad Bashir (Late) Health
  197. Mr. Javed Iqbal (Late) Health
  198. Raja Asif (Late) Health
  199. Mr. Muhammad Farooq (Late) Health
  200. Dr. Anwar Ali Shah (Late) Health
  201. Mr. Iqrar Hussain Zaidi (Late) Health
  202. Ms. Alia Sarfraz (Late) Health
  203. Dr. Zeb un Nisa (Late) Health
  204. Syed Athar Ghani (Late) Health
  205. Dr. Almas Begum Afridi (Late) Health
  206. Dr. Hassan Shahzad (Late) Health
  207. Mr. Mumtaz (Late) Health
  208. Mr. Muzaffar Saeed (Late) Health
  209. Mr. Mohsin (Late) Health
  210. Khola Jabeen (Late) Health
  211. Mr. Fahad Liaquat (Late) Health
  212. Khola Safdar Ali Shah (Late) Health
  213. Ms. Anila Naseer (Late) Health
  214. Mr. Izzat Khan (Late) Health
  215. Mr. Saddam Dilawar Khan (Late) Health
  216. Mr. Muhammad Taufiq (Late) Health
  217. Dr. Hakeem Shah (Late) Health
  218. Maj. Javed Iqbal (Late) Health
  219. Prof. Dr. Ilyas Saeedi (Late) Health
  220. Mr. Abdul Kabeer (Late) Health
  221. Mr. Mohammad Ali (Late) Health
  222. Mr. Fazal Raheem (Late) Health
  223. Ms. Alia Mukhtiar (Late) Health
  224. Mr. Ehsan ul Haque (Late) Health
  225. Dr. Zahir Shah (Late) Health
  226. Mr. Muhammad iqbal (Late) Health
  227. Mr. Naeem Agha (Late) Health
  228. Mr. Muhammad Zubair Khan (Late) Health
  229. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Mengal (Late) Health
  230. Mr. Shah Wali (Late) Health
  231. Mr. Muhammad Hanif Khilji (Late) Health
  232. Mr. Zaheer Alam (Late) Health
  233. Mr. Junaid Ayub Gichki (Late) Health
  234. Mr. Ghulam Ali (Late) Health
  235. Mr. Usama Riaz (Late) Health
  236. Mr. Akhlaq (Late) Health
  237. Dr. Sadiq Hussain (Late) Health
  238. Dr. Rizwan Abid (Late) Health
  239. Dr. Sohail Khan Raja (Late) Health
  240. Dr. Manzoor Ahmed (Late) Health
  241. Mr. Noman Ahmed (Late) Health
  242. Mr. Arif (Late) Health
  243. Mr. Zafar Iqbal (Late) Health
  244. Ms. Sadaf Jameel (Late) Health
  245. Ms. Yasmeen (Late) Health
  246. Musarrat Dilbar (Late) Health
  247. Mr. Ashraf Gul (Late) Health
  248. Mr. Shakir (Late) Health
  249. Ms. Ambreen Khalid (Late) Health
  250. Mr. Akhtar Hussain (Late) Health
  251. Ms. Robina (Late) Health
  252. Haji Dilawar Khan (Late) Health
  253. Haji Munawar Khan (Late) Health
  254. Haji Munir Khan (Late) Health
  255. Mr. Gul Waseem (Late) Health
  256. Mr. Muhammad Arif Khan (Late) Health
  257. Mr. Akbar Hussain (Late) Health
  258. Mr. Umer Jalal (Late) Health
  259. Mr. Shafiullah (Late) Health
  260. Sister Ruth Lewis (Late) Health
  261. Mr. Inamullah (Late) Health
  262. Mr. Murtjez Shah (Late) Health
  263. Ms. Surraya (Late) Health
  264. Mr. Khan Afzal Lala (Late) Health
  265. Mr. Raheel Aslam (Late) Health
  266. Sister Zaib un Nisa (Late) Health
  267. Ms. Rubina Shaheen (Late) Health
  268. Ms. Fahmeeda Ali (Late) Health
  269. Ms. Sana Sadiq (Late) Health
  270. Mr. Gulshan Shakir (Late) Health
  271. Mr. Noman Khanzada (Late) Health
  272. Ms. Sana Riaz (Late) Health
  273. Miss. Parveen Kousar (Late) Health
  274. Mr. Izhar (Late) Health
  275. Mr. Manzoor Ahmed (Late) Health
  276. Mr. Zubair (Late) Health
  277. Mr. Muhammad Tughlaq (Late) Health
  278. Mr. Allah Ditta (Late) Health
  279. Mr. Javid Iqbal (Late) Health
  280. Mr. Razzaq Ahmed (Late) Health
  281. Mr. Muhammad Azam (Late) Health
  282. Mr. Abdul Sattar (Late) Health
  283. Mr. Abdul Sattar (Late) Health
  284. Mr. Mumtaz khan (Late) Health
  285. Ms. Nazia (Late) Health
  286. Mr. Khair Gul (Late) Health
  287. Mr. Muhammad Shaukat (Late) Health
  288. Mr. Muhammad Shah (Late) Health
  289. Mr. Siraj Muhammad (Late) Health
  290. Mrs. Khalida Parveen (Late) Health
  291. Mrs. Parveen Akhtar (Late) Health
  292. Mr. Muhammad Asif (Late) Health
  293. Mr. Kashif (Late) Health
  294. Mst. Nasreen Dur Muhammad (Late) Health
  295. Mst. Khadija Ejaz (Late) Health
  296. Rebecca Patras (Late) Health
  297. Mr. Nazar Hussain (Late) Health
  298. Mst. Nargis Bano (Late) Health
  299. Mst. Fareeha Bashir (Late) Health
  300. Mr. Naeem Agha (Late) Health
  301. Mr. Muhammad Zubair Khan (Late) Health
  302. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Mengal (Late) Health
  303. Mr. Shah Wali (Late) Health
  304. Mr. Muhammad Hanif Khilji (Late) Health
  305. Mr. Zaheer Alam (Late) Health
  306. Mr. Junaid Ayub Gichki (Late) Health
  307. Mr. Ghulam Ali (Late) Health
  308. Mr. Usama Riaz (Late) Health
  309. Mr. Akhlaq (Late) Health
  310. Dr. Sadiq Hussain (Late) Health
  311. Dr. Rizwan Abid (Late) Health
  312. Dr. Sohail Khan Raja (Late) Health
  313. Dr. Manzoor Ahmed (Late) Health
  314. Mr. Noman Ahmed (Late) Health
  315. Mr. Arif (Late) Health
  316. Mr. Zafar Iqbal (Late) Health
  317. Ms. Sadaf Jameel (Late) Health
  318. Ms. Yasmeen (Late) Health
  319. Musarrat Dilbar (Late) Health
  320. Mr. Ashraf Gul (Late) Health
  321. Mr. Shakir (Late) Health
  322. Ms. Ambreen Khalid (Late) Health
  323. Mr. Akhtar Hussain (Late) Health
  324. Ms. Robina (Late) Health
  325. Haji Dilawar Khan (Late) Health
  326. Haji Munawar Khan (Late) Health
  327. Haji Munir Khan (Late) Health
  328. Mr. Gul Waseem (Late) Health
  329. Mr. Muhammad Arif Khan (Late) Health
  330. Mr. Akbar Hussain (Late) Health
  331. Mr. Umer Jalal (Late) Health
  332. Mr. Shafiullah (Late) Health
  333. Sister Ruth Lewis (Late) Health
  334. Mr. Inamullah (Late) Health
  335. Mr. Murtjez Shah (Late) Health
  336. Ms. Surraya (Late) Health
  337. Mr. Khan Afzal Lala (Late) Health
  338. Mr. Raheel Aslam (Late) Health
  339. Sister Zaib un Nisa (Late) Health
  340. Ms. Rubina Shaheen (Late) Health
  341. Ms. Fahmeeda Ali (Late) Health
  342. Ms. Sana Sadiq (Late) Health
  343. Mr. Gulshan Shakir (Late) Health
  344. Mr. Noman Khanzada (Late) Health
  345. Ms. Sana Riaz (Late) Health
  346. Miss. Parveen Kousar (Late) Health
  347. Mr. Izhar (Late) Health
  348. Mr. Manzoor Ahmed (Late) Health
  349. Mr. Zubair (Late) Health
  350. Mr. Muhammad Tughlaq (Late) Health
  351. Mr. Allah Ditta (Late) Health
  352. Mr. Javid Iqbal (Late) Health
  353. Mr. Razzaq Ahmed (Late) Health
  354. Mr. Muhammad Azam (Late) Health
  355. Mr. Abdul Sattar (Late) Health
  356. Mr. Abdul Sattar (Late) Health
  357. Mr. Mumtaz khan (Late) Health
  358. Ms. Nazia (Late) Health
  359. Mr. Khair Gul (Late) Health
  360. Mr. Muhammad Shaukat (Late) Health
  361. Mr. Muhammad Shah (Late) Health
  362. Mr. Siraj Muhammad (Late) Health
  363. Mrs. Khalida Parveen (Late) Health
  364. Mrs. Parveen Akhtar (Late) Health
  365. Mr. Muhammad Asif (Late) Health
  366. Mr. Kashif (Late) Health
  367. Mst. Nasreen Dur Muhammad (Late) Health
  368. Mst. Khadija Ejaz (Late) Health
  369. Rebecca Patras (Late) Health
  370. Mr. Nazar Hussain (Late) Health
  371. Mst. Nargis Bano (Late) Health
  372. Mst. Fareeha Bashir (Late) Health

The awards will be officially presented at the Investiture ceremony on Pakistan Day, 23rd March 2024.

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