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iPhone 15 Rumors: Potential ‘Ultra’ Name and Braided USB-C Cables

Date: August 22, 2023

Rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup suggest significant changes in Apple’s charging technology and nomenclature. Reportedly, Apple is gearing up to replace the Lightning charging port with the versatile USB-C across its new offerings, including the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This transition has been anticipated ever since USB-C first appeared in Apple hardware with the Retina MacBook in 2015. Over the years, USB-C has become a standard feature in various Apple devices, including Macs and iPads.

Apple’s adoption of USB-C charging cables on the power adapter side has been an ongoing trend. However, the iPhone 15 lineup will mark a pivotal moment as it shifts away from a decade-long reliance on Lightning charging for the device itself. This shift is attributed, in part, to regulatory influences like the EU’s standards.

Leaked information over the weekend hints at the inclusion of USB-C to USB-C charging cables for the iPhone 15 series. These cables are expected to be braided for enhanced durability and will be color-matched to the devices. Apple has already introduced braided charging cables with other products like Mac accessories and the Apple Watch Ultra, with color-matched options. The rumored color variations for the iPhone 15 series include white, black, yellow, purple, and orange (or pink), alongside versions tailored for the Pro models.

The likelihood of Apple offering braided cables with the new iPhone models seems plausible. It’s a positive sign that the cable will still be bundled within the box and not sold separately.

Amidst the intrigue of charging cable enhancements, another notable rumor has surfaced regarding the iPhone 15 lineup. There’s a possibility that the iPhone 15 Pro Max might be rebranded as the iPhone 15 Ultra. While this rumor has garnered attention, the certainty remains at around 80%, as indicated by Andrew O’Hara. The allure of ‘Ultra’ branding aligns well with Apple’s premium offerings and would complement features like titanium hardware and the inclusion of braided charging cables.

Alternatively, the term ‘iPhone 15 Pro’ also encapsulates an ‘Ultra’ essence. A prior rumor alluded to Apple using the ‘iPhone Ultra’ label to designate a model even more advanced than the highest-tier iPhone Pro Max, possibly as early as next year.

For those feeling overwhelmed by these speculations, clarity is expected to emerge on September 12. This is the anticipated date for Apple’s iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9/Ultra 2 event, with the official event announcement expected to occur between August 29 and September 5.”

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