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Punjab Initiates Comprehensive Program to Upgrade All Schools

Date: August 25, 2023

Aiming to elevate the quality of education and streamline administrative processes in schools, Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has announced a comprehensive plan for the upgrade of schools across the region.

This significant decision was reached during a meeting held at the Chief Minister’s office on Thursday. The central focus of the discussion was to devise strategies that would enhance education by modernizing the existing school infrastructure.

Following Mohsin Naqvi’s approval, the school upgrade plan was set into motion, underlining the importance of a well-executed action plan. An integral aspect of this initiative is the unanimous decision to designate elevated government schools as ‘Punjab Public Schools’.

In the briefing, it was emphasized that efforts will be concentrated on improving the quality of education by upgrading one girls’ and one boys’ school in every division, totaling 216 government schools throughout Punjab. To empower teachers in model schools, a comprehensive training session is in the works, to be held at esteemed institutions like LUMS and UMT.

The overarching objective of this endeavor is to bridge the educational and administrative gap between government schools and esteemed private institutions. To achieve this, the expertise of highly qualified visiting educators will be sought to support the upgraded schools. Notably, the focus will be on revitalizing the physical infrastructure, including buildings, classrooms, and laboratories, to meet cutting-edge standards.

A dedicated division will be established within the Danish School Authority to oversee the administrative operations of the newly formed Punjab Public Schools. This specialized division will ensure the efficient administrative functioning of the upgraded schools. The crucial meeting saw the participation of key figures including the Chief Secretary, Secretaries of Finance, Schools, and relevant officials, all collaborating to drive this transformative educational initiative forward.

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