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Aima Baig Shines Bright at Asia Cup 2023 Opening Ceremony

Date: August 30, 2023

The spotlight was on Pakistani pop sensation Aima Baig as she lit up the stage during the captivating launch of the highly anticipated Asia Cup 2023.

With a mesmerizing performance at the Multan Cricket Stadium, Aima Baig set the perfect ambiance for the tournament’s commencement. The “Funkari” singer’s energetic and dynamic presentation added excitement to the air, right before Pakistan’s match against Nepal. Aima Baig’s attire, a dazzling yellow ensemble, added to the celebratory atmosphere of the event.

Joining her on stage was the talented Nepalese artist Trishala Gurung, whose melodious voice captivated the audience. Trishala Gurung’s choice of traditional attire reflected Nepal’s rich heritage and cultural significance.

Aima Baig, on the other hand, showcased her signature blend of chic and contemporary style. She effortlessly sported a radiant yellow long coat and pants, paired elegantly with a sleek white crop top. The fusion of sophistication and vibrancy in her outfit perfectly mirrored the electrifying atmosphere of the opening ceremony.

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