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Get Ready for the Super Blue Moon Spectacle Tonight!

Date: August 30, 2023

Tonight’s sky will treat us to a rare celestial event—a ‘Blue Moon’ accompanied by the phenomenon of a supermoon, making the moon appear larger and brighter than usual.

Adding to the excitement, the Moon will also be in close proximity to the planet Saturn, enhancing the visual spectacle.

A supermoon takes place when the Moon is both full and near its closest point to Earth, an occurrence that happens only a few times a year. However, if a month sees two full moons, the second is termed a blue moon, resulting in two supermoons in a month—a phenomenon known as a “super blue moon.”

Although the super blue moon won’t appear drastically larger than a regular moon, the difference is usually akin to that between a quarter and a nickel, although it is expected to shine brighter, as stated by NASA.

When and How to Catch the Blue Moon?

The peak brightness of the blue moon will be at 12:00 pm on Wednesday (ET), with its zenith later at 10:00 pm (ET).

For the optimal view of the full moon, observers should look shortly after sunset during the twilight hours.

The super blue moon will grace the night sky on August 30 at 8:37 PM EDT.

This will be the largest among the four supermoons of the year, standing at a distance of 357,344 kilometers from Earth, resulting in a larger-than-usual appearance, as reported by The Guardian.

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