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Intel Hints at Windows 12 Release in 2024, Promising AI-Powered Features

Date: October 09, 2023

In a recent earnings call, Intel’s Chief Financial Officer, Dave Zinsner, revealed crucial information about Microsoft’s plans for a major Windows update in 2024. While not explicitly named Windows 12, this anticipated ‘Windows Refresh’ is expected to introduce significant AI-powered features.

Zinsner emphasized Microsoft’s focus on optimizing the Windows operating system to leverage the latest consumer hardware more efficiently. He pointed out that the current user base of Windows 11 is primarily using older hardware, limiting the OS from fully harnessing certain advanced features.

The forthcoming Windows update is positioned to act as a catalyst for the latest processors, particularly benefitting Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake processors. This strategic alignment aims to encourage users to embrace newer CPUs, ensuring a seamless integration with the evolving hardware landscape. The targeted release timeframe for this update is set for the last quarter of 2024.

While Zinsner didn’t explicitly refer to the update as Windows 12, his descriptions align with previous rumors surrounding Windows 12. Speculation suggests that this major update could potentially see a public rollout in early 2025. As anticipation builds, users are eager to explore the enhanced capabilities and AI advancements that Windows 12 is poised to bring to the forefront of operating system technology.”

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