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AshreiTech Academy Launches COHORT 1: Pioneering Tech Education in Pakistan

Karachi, October 10, 2023– AshreiTech Academy, positioned as Pakistan’s premier tech academy, is gearing up to commence its highly anticipated COHORT 1 program, extending a warm welcome to tech enthusiasts ready to embark on a transformative journey in the world of technology.

As the academy kicks off its inaugural cohort, aspiring individuals passionate about advancing their tech careers are invited to join AshreiTech Academy @ NASTP (National Academy of Science and Technology Park).

Launching Your Tech Journey:

Tech education is now within reach for all with AshreiTech Academy, making it clear that mastering technology is not rocket science. The academy is set to offer a comprehensive range of technical courses accompanied by pro-level soft skills training.

Interested individuals can visit www.ashreitech.com, download the app, sign up, choose their preferred tech path, and commence their tech journey with in-person classes at the academy. As the academy continues to grow, more courses are in the pipeline, so prospective learners are encouraged to stay tuned and keep applying.

Why AshreiTech Academy?

In Pakistan’s dynamic IT landscape, there exists a discernible skills gap despite the annual production of 25,000 graduates. AshreiTech Academy @ NASTP emerges as a Center of Excellence, addressing this gap by bringing together industry experts from diverse technical and non-technical backgrounds under one roof. The overarching goal is to equip graduates with cutting-edge IT skills and essential soft skills, preparing them for success in the global market.

The academy’s approach extends beyond mere training; it’s a transformative experience. From BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to involvement in global projects, AshreiTech Academy professionals are poised to shine on the international stage.

Mission and Objectives:

AshreiTech Academy @ NASTP stands firm as a Center of Excellence, aiming to revolutionize IT education in Pakistan. The mission is to provide graduates with top-notch IT education, complemented by a holistic ecosystem supporting their soft skills and employability, ensuring they meet the demands of the evolving and competitive global market.


  1. To be a leading institution nurturing tech skills in individuals, enabling excellence in the digital landscape.
  2. To cultivate an ecosystem fostering a strong sense of belonging for all stakeholders, facilitating an environment where everyone can thrive.
  3. To take the forefront as a thought leader, shaping the future of technology education and tech entrepreneurship.

AshreiTech Academy @ NASTP is not just an educational institution; it’s a catalyst for transformative change in the tech landscape of Pakistan. As it ushers in COHORT 1, it sets the stage for a new era of tech education and innovation in the region. Enrollments are open, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter for aspiring tech professionals in Pakistan.

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